1. Fill in the online renewal form.
  2. Make payment via credit card or direct debit.
  3. Upon successful payment, license will be processed and the license will be emailed to the email address provided.
  • Business renewal: Sole proprietor and partnership
  • Reprint Business Certificate ( pdf format)
  • Reprint Business info / Company Profile ( pdf format )
  • Borang E (formerly known as Borang D) with certified True Copy (CTC) stamp ( pdf format )
    * Sdn Bhd or LLP can’t renew thru our online service

Please click “Renew-Now” and submit your SSM renewal information thru our online renewal form.

You will receive 2 documents via email;

1. The renewed certificate – Borang E (SSM certificate) 

2. Business Info document

If you are our existing customer, you may contact us to request for a copy of the previously renewed business license.

  • Website – Credict card, Online banking FPX ,
  • Whatsapp – ATM / Online Transfer

For those customers renewal thru our renewal system, we will send automated expiry email reminders to you 1 months before the expiry date to ensure our customer can renewal their SSM on time.

Yes, you can. Renew your business registration within 90 days or before the expiration date of the registration. Your latest SSM expiry date will continue the date of the renewed.

Yes , you can. Please provide your Company registration number &company name, we can assist you process via whatsapp.

Fast, Easy & Convenience, you can easily submit your business license renewal request in less than 5 minutes, without the hassle to walk-in to SSM counter to verify your ID.

Yes. It will be a full refund if the renewal is not successful.
No worries, 100% of your payment will be refunded if your SSM business certificate renewal unsuccessful.

Business registration plus all administrative cost are as follows;

– 2 years at RM210

– 3 years at RM300

– 4 years at RM390

– 5 years at RM480

You still can register online if your business registration is not expired more than twelve (12) months.

We cannot process the renewal of license which has past more than 12 months. For all business license which has expired more than 12 months, the business owner has to renew it at the SSM branch counter.

You do not need any other documentation. Just fill in the online form with the relevant details.

The renewed business registration will be send to your email provided.

The email address given might be wrong, please whatsapp / contact us at 019-7888 238 and we will make appropriate arrangements.